Jeremiah Gall


Jeremiah Gall is a serial entrepreneur and vacation rental market veteran with a history of delivering great products to rental managers over the past twelve years. In 2006, Jeremy co-founded and developed marketing tools and the first verified guest review platform for professional rental managers. He continued to manage FlipKey’s global professional services group, working with more than three thousand property manager clients. Before leaving in 2013 and after the acquisition by TripAdvisor, Jeremy grew FlipKey into one of the largest vacation rental businesses in the world. Jeremy is the founder and CEO of Breezeway. Breezeway’s mobile app and solutions give rental managers the tools they need for optimized turn days, efficient operations, and excellent property care programs. Jeremy has shared in-depth analyses of the vacation rental market at national travel shows and in industry publications and is a regular presenter at VRMA conferences, MIT, and Boston College. He is an avid vacation rental fan and enjoys splitting time between Boston and South Carolina.