Live Stream from VRM Intel Live

If you missed VRM Intel Live in Orange Beach, you missed quite a show!


Steve Milo – VTrips

Check out VTrips founder, Steve Milo and his unfiltered look at OTAs! #BookDirect

Brandon Sauls – ICND

Brandon Sauls reviewed some best-practices for your website and online marketing efforts.

Peter Scott – Bluetent

Check out this video to hear about striking a balance between direct and OTA bookings. #flipflopsnotpennyloafers

VRM Intel – Power Panel

Some of the biggest names in the vacation rental industry share their candid thoughts on regulation of VRM’s, OTA usage, Marketing, Data, and more. #PowerPanel

Doug Macnaught

One of the founders of one of the most successful Property Management Systems in the industry provides some insights in his session from VRM Intel Live!

Jeremiah Gall

You know the difficulties of running a solid VR company and this video talks about ways to address those difficulties and work through them. #HalftimeAdjustments

Jason Sprenkle & Kameron Bain

How cool would it be if you could have visibility into you performance against the market? Learn from a leading property manager how you can! Then, figure out how you can dynamically control your rates to get more.

Laird Sager

The only thing consistent in Rental Insurance is change and you’ll hear about everything from damage to bed bugs in this video. #RecordAwake

Ben Edwards

We’re hot, like really hot. Everyone wants a piece of the vacation rental industry pie. Listen to a property manager and past VRMA President talk about the industry Landscape.

Sue Jones

Vacation Rental success hinges on our people, so employee referrals, retention, and performance are discussed in this video.

VRM Intel Panel of Providers

If you want to see what’s going on in the Vacation Rental industry, this is a good place to start. There are amazing companies creating products specifically for this multi-billion-dollar industry and you can learn about them in this video.

Steve Craig

Housekeeping and Maintenance might be the most overlooked hardest aspect in vacation rental management. Learn from a pioneering mind how to do it right. #WhatWouldSteveDo