Tom Kaczmarek


Tom K has spent the last 29 years working with company leaders to develop their business and technology strategies and create IT environments that will best serve their business goals, optimize the use of their computing resources, maximize their systems up-time, and get the most out of their IT investment. Tom K's experience was developed as a Director and lead consultant with three respected technology firms, one servicing Vacation Rental Management companies across the country, and two servicing NYC Clients in the banking, finance, and manufacturing industries. Tom also served as CTO for an e-Commerce Web Consultation firm and as IT Director for an international consumer testing company. He holds senior technical certifications from Cisco, Microsoft, Citrix, HP, and Intel. Tom K brought his expertise from Wall St. to the Vacation Rental and Real Estate industry in 2003. Through his technical skills and business acumen, Tom has helped numerous companies effectively utilize technology to realize their business goals, increase productivity, and improve their bottom line. Tom K’s extensive experience as both consultant and IT Director provides him with an in-depth understanding of the needs and expectations of his Clients, from both the business and the technical prospective. This knowledge allows Tom to consistently provide the solutions and exceptional levels of service required to exceed those expectations.